Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Music Can Heal One Soul

I believe a song writer sinks deep inside his/her soul and gathers raw emotions to place upon the sound waves.  Harmony and melody dance together and beats out a story for the aching soul to submerge in.  The heart begins to strum along, the lungs sweetly inhale, the eyes start to twinkle, and the ears perk up. 
A foot twitches, shoulders sway to and fro while the hips swirl lightly to echoes of sound waves bouncing off of the largest organ of the body (skin).  The conscious is taking over.  The ears may hear but it is the soul that listens.
Broken hearts learn to blossom again.  The logically mind is cast away.  Silence is shattered.  A voice is free.  The soul soars and the body feels light as a feather.  All thanks to the song writer willingness to share the pain.
We can cope together. 
We are connected. 
We can sing!
I am grateful for music that heals my aching soul.

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