Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Picture Wall

I sat in the middle of my sister’s office admiring the pretty pictures on the wall.  She had a decent amount framed of us when we were little.  I had to sigh and think to self “Jennifer you cannot hug a picture.”  No, we cannot go back; we can only hang pictures on the wall of our youth.  I tried to conduct in my head what it is like when a person looks at these pictures and ask my sister “who are these adorable children”.  (Yeah we were all adorable!)
I know what she would say “Oh, these are my brother and sister and me.”  Then I would go a bit further and have this imaginary guest ask “and how are they doing these days?”  Hmmm, this is where I picture my sister making a peculiar look and then sadly replying “I am no longer in touch with them.”  However, I make believe that I truly know what my sister would say “Oh, my brother is married with two children and works for Concord.  “My sister, well she went to massage school and we are still waiting for her to make something of it.”
When I come across something that reminds me of my sister, I start to day dream and wonder if she ever stops and think about me.  

I have come to a deep understanding that it takes two to be in a relationship and it takes the same two to brake off.  I guess we are taking a long vacation from one and another for my sister and my brother are nothing more than photographs I cannot hug but don’t we look happy.

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